William of Ockham

William of Ockham 1285-1349 - Ockhams Razor


Ockham Biotech Ltd. is a reseach company which has secured the rights to the development of inhaled heparin for the treatment of obstructive airway diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The company filed three patents in 2002 based on the mucolytic properties of inhaled heparin that were discovered by Professor Janis Shute. The mucolytic properties of heparin provide a means to improve airway mucus clearance and a 'ballistic effect' to improve the delivery of other inhaled drugs to mucus-congested airways. Heparin has multiple pharmacological properties and, combined with the well-described anti-inflammatory properties of heparin, the use of inhaled heparin suggests an effective way to treat mucus hypersecretory diseases with airway mucus congestion.


Mr Andy Short, CEO.
Andy Short, was the first investor in Ockham Biotech Ltd., in 2006, and commercialised the company from a pure research business. Andy points to the compelling science behind the invention and regards the opportunity provided for potential investors as extremely attractive.

Andy's background includes mergers and acquisitions within healthcare, life sciences and medical devices. In 2002 he founded Acorn Care & Education Ltd; a group of day and residential special education schools and foster agencies. He is also the Director of Adept Care and Education Ltd; a company expanding in to delivering critical care within patients homes and a separate division providing children's and young persons residential services.

Professor Janis Shute, Scientific Director.
Jan is a Professor of Respiratory Pharmacology at the University of Portsmouth with a long-standing research interest in mechanisms of airway inflammation and the anti-inflammatory and mucolytic pharmacologic properties of heparin (see publications).

Mrs Annette Mead, Company Secretary.
Annette joined the company in 2009, and is an experienced business entrepreneur.